When Love Calls: An Anthology

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It is another for them to craft hellacious memories into devastatingly beautiful art. The strong souls in the YANYR anthology have done just that, and in doing so have offered a raw look into the lives of those who have suffered trauma and yet have risen above its horror to present hope. This is a wonderfully written and exceedingly brave collection of voices that absolutely needs to be heard.

Open Anthology Calls, News, Impatience, and Much Crying – Emily McCosh | Writer of Things

In a time where the news tells tales of accused rape and those who speak out are ridiculed, sent death threats, shamed, made to feel unsafe To provide a permanent home for those voices who refuse to stay silent, despite this. Despite the trauma we endure. This is an influential time for us to speak out. While our anthology title calls for empowerment and overcoming, we wish to share the reality of the situation.

How very hopeless and negative you can feel. How it can rip you to pieces and absolutely destroy every part of you. Do not shy away from the darkness and reality of this situation.

When Love Calls: An Anthology

These are stories and emotions that need to be shared. We endeavor to show just how horrible this can be, how detrimental to one's wellness. UndreamedPanic - Sunset Paradise 5. PrinceWhateverer - Reparation feat. Sable Symphony lyrics 7.

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Black Gryph0n lyrics 9. The Wasteland Wailers - Zebratown feat. Haymaker lyrics Replacer - Paper Lady lyrics Radiarc - Don't Look At Me Frozen Night - Inner Light Flittzy lyrics Chi-Chi lyrics John Kenza - Wonderbolt UndreamedPanic - Close Your Eyes feat. Metajoker lyrics Starlight - Too Easy lyrics Exiark - A Grim Fate Budzy - Crusher Suskii - Horse Or Die MrMehster - Stand Back feat. Hollow lyrics Zizkil - Playin' Games With You Crystal Slave - Vibrance Omnipony - Clouds Anon Remix PegasYs lyrics Karen Warren lyrics Replacer - The Last One Left lyrics Exiark - Frostfire feat.

Itchigotchi lyrics Quadrivia - Filly Busters DJT - Peppermint feat. Puffy Del Rom - Ignition EnsionD - Colours feat. Francis Vace lyrics Progressive Element - Spellcaster Budzy - Marshmallow IbeConCept lyrics Frozen Night - Crystal Tears feat. ForeverFreest lyrics Silver Note - Shatter lyrics Plum Creek Rhythm Section - Glimmer lyrics IKX - Traveller Xavi - Blitz Em Hydra - Popsicle Morgsch - Let The Sun Rise feat. Metapony - Everfree All donations go towards the artists who helped to make this album a reality.

This album was designed as a way to showcase some of the best tunes we've released over the last couple of years, as well as to unleash some incredible new ones for you all to enjoy.

Atlantic Starr - When Love Calls (1980)

Tracks are entirely new releases created for this album, whilst tracks are a strong representation of some of the best works from our previous album releases. You can see a full teaser for the album over on our Soundcloud profile or our Youtube. Ponies at Dawn aims to bring you the best on offer with regular compilation albums full of incredible music.

time2change.hipwee.com Contact Ponies at Dawn. Streaming and Download help. Beats 4 Everfree by Lycan Dese Beats.

Where Dreams Take Flight

Featuring a large amount of artistic crossover, this album, much like P D, is a fantastic amalgamation of a large variety of different musicians and their respective genres and styles! Ponies at Dawn. Waffle by A State of Sugar. Another awesome compilation album, A State Of Sugar focuses on chill beats and sweet times.

Well worth a listen for more pony goodness! Equinity Stellar by Equinity.

Even more compilation music - Equinity provides yet another outlet for amazing tunes, and this album is an excellent start that's well worth checking out!

When Love Calls: An Anthology When Love Calls: An Anthology
When Love Calls: An Anthology When Love Calls: An Anthology
When Love Calls: An Anthology When Love Calls: An Anthology
When Love Calls: An Anthology When Love Calls: An Anthology
When Love Calls: An Anthology When Love Calls: An Anthology

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