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Over the course of the last 18 months, we have worked with a variety of organisations and individuals to discuss place — what does it mean to people, at what scale do people relate to place, and is there a way we can use this understanding to improve the design and delivery of policy? We have discussed a number of aspects of, and barriers to, place-based productivity strategies in England and Wales: place quality, health, housing, employment, skills, infrastructure, planning, post-industrial decline, culture and the environment.

As a result we have produced 4 key briefing papers, a collection of perspectives including 8 essays, 4 case studies and a variety of poetry and imagery, and two policy papers.

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We found a great willingness from policy-makers within central and local government, service delivery professionals, the private sector, and voluntary sector organisations to listen to the needs of people within their places, but often very little idea about the best way to put this into practice. The work we have done has demonstrated that, particularly in a devolving world, place can offer a useful lens to reconsider how best to deliver critical services including those focused on community support, health and wellbeing, social and benefit supports, education, skills and lifelong learning in a more integrated and effective way.

This British Academy exercise helps us see how we can do better for people if we take their concerns about place seriously. The findings of our report demonstrate the enormous value of humanities and social sciences research.

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Drawing on the intellectual resources of the British Academy, this work puts a spotlight on the disciplines — geography, history, anthropology, literature and the arts, politics and psychology to name but a few - which can help us to make better policy decisions. While Bell has stayed in the game since his glory days in the '60s and '70s, like many giants of the soul era, his recordings of the '90s and onward often suffered from poor production and a lack of sympathetic, worthwhile collaborators. But unlike many of his peers, Bell has been lucky enough to get a second chance at making a great record, and the revived Stax label teamed Bell with songwriter and producer John Leventhal.

Working with Leventhal has brought out the best in Bell , and 's This Is Where I Live is his strongest and most powerful work since the late '70s. Bell 's voice is in marvelous condition here, with the faint signs of age only adding to the subtle authority of his delivery. And in Leventhal , Bell has found a writing partner who has coaxed some excellent songs from him. Bell also finds a few new wrinkles in his re-recording of "Born Under a Bad Sign," and his interpretation of Jesse Winchester 's "All Your Stories" is splendid and knowing.

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The studio musicians have given these songs backdrops that evoke the mood of vintage soul without stumbling into cliches, and practically every aspect of this album flatters Bell and his talents. What the album does prove is that Bell 's talent is as strong as ever, and that he's been given a chance to let it shine. Give a carpenter a small amount of marginal materials and he'll build a shed. Give that builder the proper supplies and he can construct a house.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

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Electronic Folk International. With more than jobs opening up by , you can work to make a difference while still looking forward to the weekend. We immediately see the impact our actions have on the vitality of our land.

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Here, when we spot a problem, we find solutions. Thousands of organizations and festivals were set up by just a handful of citizens and their limitless ingenuity. Around here, we love to eat, and local products are a big part of our lives. Fresh food abounds in our public markets and in our very own backyards.

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Lovely cottage, house in the middle of town, cabin in the woods or by a lake; the choices are plentiful. And affordable. Not to mention that around here, the neighbours actually say hi. Here, we try to do everything we can to help you out. The number of residents may be small, but there are plenty of chances to play sports or enjoy other recreational activities.

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Around here, kids and adults get their wishes, together. The proximity of friends, family members or community organisms help to ease the daily puzzle. Here, you have access to daycare facilities, different types of health care establishments, and much more. Life in small community permits this ecosysteme where the notion of living together is present.

This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live
This is Where We Live This is Where We Live

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