The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)

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We asked the authors to share some of their favourite places from the book and here, exclusively for Waterstones, they offer an expert selection of the best and wildest locations in Soctland. From beaches and bothys to mountain views and wild swimming spots, there's a secret hideaway here for everyone. Told from multiple points of view, Karen McManus's One of Us is Lying cracks open the veneer of teenage stereotypes to reveal a complex psychological thriller that examines how far someone will go to protect a secret. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, McManus considers the challenges and rewards of a story where every character has their say.

Wherever we are in the country, water defines our landscape; from jagged, dramatic coastlines, secluded sandy beaches and secret freshwater pools, to our grandest cityscape rivers and meandering country streams.

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Nobody knows our water-shaped landscape better than Tristan Gooley, natural navigator and author of the bestselling How to Read Water. We gave him the enormously challenging task of picking just five favourite British waterside locations and here, exclusively for Waterstones, he explains why these locations hold a special significance.

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Only now, years after their deaths, is it possible to work out who they really were' When it comes to espionage, the truth is invariably stranger than fiction, as author Henry Hemming discovered when he began researching his new book M. From animal-loving housewives to dandy booksellers, Hemming introduces the real-life agents drawn out from the shadows of history.

As he hands on the baton to Lauren Child and hopefully puts his feet up for a well-earned cup of tea and a biscuit or three, we at Waterstones offer all our thanks for his work and for taking us along on his extraordinary Waterstones Children's Laureate journey. However, when novelist Will Hill came to research the group, he found himself drawn to a different side of the story, to the lives of the children who had survived. Here, he explains how the legacy of Waco shaped his novel, After the Fire.

When it comes to espionage fiction, however, you should never say never and now, five years later, Alex Rider is back in explosive form in Never Say Die.

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Our Thriller of the Month for June, The Dry, is a twisting, atmospheric drama, where a horrific murder in a dirt-blown, drought-ridden Australian town becomes the perfect crucible for seething underlying malice and long-buried secrets to come to light. Exclusively for Waterstones, author Jane Harper takes us behind the scenes for the places and experiences that influenced her novel. With so much parenting advice aimed at mums, it's easy for new dads to feel lost in the wilderness, armed for parenthood with nothing but dimly remembered advice from their own parents to "not stick that up your nose" and "put your seatbelt on".

But fear not, help is at hand. We've rounded up the top recommendations from Waterstones' bookselling dads for the best books to buy to prepare for everything fatherhood throws at you. We also caught up with Matt Coyne, creator of the phenomenally popular blog Man Vs. Baby and author of the hilarious and brilliant book Dummy, for his top 5 tips on coping with being a new dad.

Joseph Kanon discusses location scouting for Defectors and how he got under the skin of Cold War Moscow.

Here, especially for Waterstones, they offer two winning recipes for cooking up a hearty, meat-free weekend feast. And even though the fish teemed in certain bays, no whales or walrus fed or bred there anymore. Now Paull is back with The Ice, a dark tale of murder and corruption amidst the collapsing Arctic, set in a near-future shaped by environmental chaos. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, she takes readers behind the real-world crisis that inspired her.

We caught up with author Emma Cline to talk about creating an immersive Californian noir, honest depictions of female sexuality and that ever-tricky label, 'girl'. A chance to turn the best take-away food into home-cooked favourites you can tweak to make your own. In short, in order to reach big, you need to start by thinking small. Worry not, you're not alone. Authors Rory Gallagher and Owain Service have taken insights gleaned from their work inside the world's first Nudge Unit to produce Think Small, a book that shows that the solution is easier than we might think.

Here, exclusively for Waterstones, they offer a 7-step guide to creating and sticking to your best laid plans. Its author, Emma Carroll, has already proved herself adept at turning her hand to any genre; with such delights as the ghostly tale Strange Star and the fairy tale classic In Darkling Wood. However, writing a novel set in the Second World War was proving more of a challenge, until, she explains, a lighthouse showed her the way.

All of us are products of our childhoods, and I wanted to discover his. To put us in a summer mood, Victoria Moore, author of new cookbook The Wine Dine Dictionary has kindly given us an exclusive recipe flavoured with a touch of literary inspiration; transporting you to a Fitzgeraldian setting of heat-filled, poolside days and glamorous bohemian nights. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, Haag introduces the Durrell's he knew and explains how, but for a chance encounter in a dusty bookshop, he might never have been drawn into their fascinating circle.

Here, exclusively for Waterstones, Abir Mukherjee introduces the city that inspired him. Described by The Independent 'as a new kind of state-of-the-nation novel', her latest book, The Tidal Zone, may be her best yet. We caught up with Moss to discuss tackling the aftermath of near-tragedy and the integral part storytelling plays in how we navigate our lives.

Chomsky is there, crooking his finger: Go back. Follow the path. To mark the paperback release of Who Rules the World? Here, exclusively for Waterstones, he considers the significance behind the symbol.

Whether or not the sun shines this bank holiday, Nicola Millbank's recipe for her Nan's lemon mousse brings a burst of light, citrus sweetness to brighten up even the greyest of days. Fresh from the pages of her debut cookbook Milly's Real Food, Milly's recipes are all about getting back to the basics: fad-free, good food that's comforting and nourishing.

The Touch Of Ghosts: Writer's Cut (Alex Rourke, #1)

With recipes drawn from sustainable, easy-to-source ingredients, these are recipes destined to become go-to favourites. The first two books in his football trilogy, The Nowhere Men and Living on the Volcano, looked at talent scouting and football managers respectively. Now, in No Hunger in Paradise, Calvin has turned his investigative eye on the world of youth football.

Exclusively for Waterstones he introduces a world of secrecy, pressure, financial gain and staggering human cost. As the founder and lead astronomer of Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, Gary Fildes knows first-hand just how awe inspiring our night sky can be. Nestling above the forest treeline in Europe's largest protected dark sky park, Kielder Observatory offers the UK's most superb astronomical vista and even a chance to glimpse the Northern Lights.

Yet, as Gary says in his book An Astronomer's Tale, you don't need to be an expert astronomer with an array of telescopes at your fingertips to be able to look up and take in the view. Here he offers his tips for the top 10 astronomy targets you can spot from your own back garden. Economics is broken. Can it be fixed? By identifying seven critical ways in which economics has been led astray she suggests we need a new model of economic thinking, one fit for the twenty-first century.

Here, in a series of animations made to accompany the book, she explains her theories. Brighten your weekend with three delicious, healthy recipes from The Modern Baker, the debut cookbook from the baking team behind Oxford's wildly popular bakery and cafe, Melissa Sharp and Lindsay Stark. Waterstones Angie Crawford caught up with the author to discuss breathing life into a notorious figure and the period's acute resonance for modern readers. The authors of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls discuss the extraordinary women whose stories inspired them. River Cottage has been a household name in the UK since when a floppy-haired Hugh brought his now-famous food ethos to our TV screens, and into our kitchens with his soon-to-follow cookbooks.

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As treat for Easter weekend we offer five of our favourite recipes from these River Cottage kitchen classics. A conversation about bestselling thriller Before the Fall with its author, Noah Hawley. In which the author interviews himself. The challenges of a cricket captain are manifold; selection, field-placings, dressing room egos, to name but a few. The amateur captain can add to that simply trying to field 11 players for the game. Charlie Campbell has captained the Authors XI in over matches and he shares his love of the game in his latest book, Herding Cats.

In quiet, I find what I feel. In his moving memoir, Plot 29, he interweaves his journey to find the truth about his own family history with a chronicle of a year on the allotment. In an exclusive interview for Waterstones, he discusses family, memory and the solace he finds in gardening. As a Finnish fantasy author, Maria Turtschaninoff has found an enviable freedom to create her own distinctive and unique voice. As Nanondel, the second novel in her highly praised Red Abbey Chronicles series, is released, she discusses the culture of Finnish Weird, the creative legacy of Tove Jansson and how being small can set you free.

In an exclusive interview for Waterstones, she discusses feminist fiction, the cutthroat world of social media and not being afraid to make her readers uncomfortable. Awarded annually to promote writing which combines scholarly brilliance, innovative research and compelling readability, the prize has previously recognised some of the greatest contemporary historians in their field including Mary Beard, Simon Schama and Ian Kershaw. Who was Socrates? What is certain is that he was so much more than simply a footballer. While he was at his most iconic as captain of, arguably, the greatest team not to win a World Cup, Socrates was a qualified doctor and carried with him an intellect atypical of the game.

Daniel Cole, author of hard-hitting debut Crime thriller Ragdoll, is no stranger to a crime scene. The first part in a series featuring controversial Met Police detective, William Wolf Fawkes, Ragdoll is a twisted game of cat and mouse against a ruthless and bloody serial killer whilst the clock is ticking. As we welcome a key new voice in crime writing, we present an exclusive short story by Daniel Cole from a moment on the brink of emergency. As any prize-winner knows, getting back to the desk again after the celebrations die down can be a challenging business, even more so when that book is your first.

Now back with her second novel, All About Mia, she talks to us about life after winning and the joy of finding her own voice again. What does it mean to be a refugee? How does identity survive when it is moved far from the customs, memories and people amidst which it was formed? These are the questions Viet Thanh Nguyen attempts to answer in his short story collection, The Refugees. As she makes her first steps into adult fiction, Amy Engel talks to Waterstones about making the transition from YA and the lure of a good story.

An expertly crafted tale of adventure on open seas that pits a feisty thirteen-year-old heroine, Mouse, and her family against a terrible enemy, on waters where peril lies waiting at every turn. Going in search of the stories that inspire such a vibrant imagination, we asked the author to recommend five of the books that have inspired her most. It must be daunting to begin your career already being compared with J. Rowling and Philip Pullman. In fact, Samantha Shannon has been making waves since she first burst onto the scene with her debut novel The Bone Season, the first in a fantasy series about a woman at the centre of a syndicate of dissident clairvoyants ruled by ruthless Mime Lords.

The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)
The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)
The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)
The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)
The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)
The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)
The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1) The Touch Of Ghosts: Writers Cut (Alex Rourke Book 1)

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