The Marksmanship Principles

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Without it, your credibility is not at full power. I am both happy and frustrated when I work with different platforms.


Marksmanship Principles | Military Technology | Weapon Design

Happy in the sense I reiterate the marksmanship principles regardless of the platform. Frustrated it might take slowing down or a few magazines to really get into the groove. Here is my secret…do work. I typically start with my supporting gear such as holsters and magazine pouches. When possible I try to go to the same manufacture for these needs. It creates a little bit of familiarity with the fit and ride.

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I try to have sufficient magazines for both training and self-defense. Then there is dry fire practice, lots of dry fire practice. I will invest usually twice as much as I normally allocate with a little bit of overlap to cover my bases. If time and distance is favourable, then the shooter can take the time to establish good position, correct and proper hold, sight alignment and correct breathing. Appears to be a slightl variation on what the Late Col.

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Cooper taught. Only his thre steps wer 1 Muzzle 2 Sights 3 Target. But I think what Ash and Mike have done is to make it much simpler and compatible with just about any other shooting system out there. An interview with the man himself.

Marksmanship Principles

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What are the principles that can help my aim?

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For those who may not recall, they are: 1. The shooting position and hold must be firm enough to support the rifle. The rifle must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort. Sight alignment and sight picture must be correct.

The Marksmanship Principles The Marksmanship Principles
The Marksmanship Principles The Marksmanship Principles
The Marksmanship Principles The Marksmanship Principles
The Marksmanship Principles The Marksmanship Principles
The Marksmanship Principles The Marksmanship Principles
The Marksmanship Principles The Marksmanship Principles

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