Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8)

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Snapchat, a popular messaging tool which erases communications after they are seen, provides a possible blueprint. There are ways to defeat Snapchat's self-destruct mechanism, but it provides at least a measure of security. Yes, sexting can be bad and exploitive. Girls and for that matter boys can be pressured for nude images; kids and for that matter adults may make bad decisions about intimacy and trust. But sexting can also be fun, rewarding, and safe. Either way, criminalizing it doesn't protect young people; it makes them more likely to come to harm.

You can't protect teens from sexual exploitation until you acknowledge that they have the right to make some sexual choices. Jacob Sullum 9. Jesse Walker 9.

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Billy Binion 9. Eric Boehm 9. Ciaramella 9.

Beto O'Rourke. Someone should tell Beto who did the killing at Kent State.

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It's a historic moment in Congress, but Senate support remains uncertain. Cancel Culture. Carson King is the latest victim of a cancel culture that's out of control. Christian Britschgi 9. Robby Soave 9. The president's critics have several legal theories, ranging from frivolous to debatable. Do you care about free minds and free markets? Sign up to get the biggest stories from Reason in your inbox every afternoon. Bat's mum, a veterinarian, has brought home a baby skunk, which she needs to take care of until she can hand him over to a wild-animal shelter. But from the first meeting, he knows they belong together.

And he's got one month to show his mum that a baby skunk might just make a pretty terrific pet. Boy who cried wolf, The Whenever Harry is made to do something he doesn't like, he shouts 'Wolf' and everyone runs away. This means that Harry is left to do exactly what he wants. A retelling of a famous fable, with an unexpected ending. Bravest ever bear, The A picture book about the bravest bear, the persistent penguin, opportunistic wolf, boastful bear and sly dragon.

The problem is everyone wants to tell the story their own way. Bravo Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Helena. Her life was almost perfect. Only one thing spoiled it. Helena's father couldn't speak normally. Everything he said came out in a roar and was way too loud. Brown dog, The The brown dog often visits Henry on rainy, grey afternoons.

Usually he doesn't hang around for long. But this time the brown dog decides to stay, and Henry needs to find a way to make him leave.

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Brucie saves Christmas Brucie, the joey kangaroo, loves reading books and doing science reports. When a catastrophe occurs that will prevent Santa from delivering the presents, Brucie must use all his smarts to help Santa fly the ute on Christmas Eve. Bumblebee A bumblebee queen's life is a busy one. She pollinates plants, builds wax honey-pots and lays eggs to produce future queens, male drones and the workers who make honey and defend the colony. Sadly, bumblebee numbers are in dramatic decline. Bush concert, The There has been a terrible drought and a multitude of Australian birds put on a gala concert to cheer themselves up.

There is singing and dancing and magic tricks, but the final performance is the perfect end to a wonderful bush concert. Told in humorous rhyme. Business pig Jasper would rather draw graphs than play in the mud.

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Can this cutie pig find someone to adopt him who means business, too? Busy life of Ernestine Buckmeister, The Ernestine is in over her head. From Monday through to Sunday, Ernestine's week is packed with after-school lessons. She does tuba, knitting, sculpting, water ballet, yoga, yodelling and karate.

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Overwhelmed and exhausted, Ernestine decides to take matters into her own hands. Butterflies in my stomach and other school hazards On his first day of school, a little boy struggles with missing his dog and the oddities of the English language. Perhaps he really will be in a big pickle on the bus.

He doesn't want to open a can of worms but it is all a bit confusing. Butterfly's circus Butterfly is no ordinary girl. On the day she is born, jealous Romola casts a wicked spell that causes little Butterfly to grow wings. She is different from all the other children, but when the future of the circus is put in danger, Butterfly finds a way to save it from closing.

Camille and the sunflowers One day, a stranger arrives in Camille's town. He has a straw hat and a yellow beard. The man turns out to be the artist Vincent van Gogh. This is an introduction to the great painter, seen through the eyes of a young boy entranced by his painting. Can a skeleton have an x-ray From the practical to the philosophical, the interesting and big questions in this book are guaranteed to fire your imagination.

Can I touch your hair? Two young children from different racial and cultural backgrounds are asked to collaborate on a set of poems. They write about lots of different subjects showing their very different perspectives on issues such as religion, identity and friendship, finally coming to some kind of understanding of each other and the world they live in. Can you whistle, Johanna Berra doesn't have a grandfather and Ulf suggests there are plenty of old men at the retirement home who would do as a grandfather.

They go there to find a grandfather, ideally one who eats pig's trotters, invites you to tea and who can teach you to whistle. Cassowary's egg, The Carla, a very bossy cassowary, leaves her partner, Calvin, to look after their egg for twenty-one days. But, the egg gets stolen and Calvin must find a way to get it back before Carla returns.

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Cat Sometimes this adventurous cat is the victim and sometimes it is the victor. The story is told through the illustrations more than the words with lots of humour.

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A great book for reading the pictures. Cat, the dog, Little Red, the exploding eggs, the wolf and Grandma's wardrobe, The Cat starts reading to Dog, explaining that it's a story about a little girl who always wears a red cape with a hood. Dog loves stories about superheroes and wants to know her special power. When Cat advises that the little girl doesn't have any special powers and it's not that kind of a story, the fun begins. Caterpillar, butterfly A child and her grandfather watch as a family of tiny caterpillar eggs turn into beautiful butterflies.

At each stage, the story reveals their awe at the magic of what is happening. The illustrations come with notes on the scientific details.

Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8) Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8)
Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8) Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8)
Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8) Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8)
Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8) Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8)
Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8) Educating Amy (Naive and Naughty Book 8)

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