Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy

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Second trimester: Pamper her

I hope all went well,been off my computer for some time, it sounds like she was very close to giving birth, hopefully by now she has whelped a litter of happy, healthy pups. My mini Aussie is having her first litter.

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She is 65 days pregnant; confirmed via ultrasound. Since 12am now 4am she's been whinning a lot, liking, pacing and has really loud gurgling from her abdomen. Could this finally be labor? My concern is all the whinning and gurgling noises, that maybe she's in pain. Is this all normal? Jeannie, see if there is a vet working for the shelter that can offer discounted Cesareans or apply for care credit.

How can I help my small dog deliver her big pups I don't want her to die and I have no money to take her to vet I'm homeless wat is there I can do she throwing up I think she ready to have them but nothing I see them moving alot in her but they nothing yet how can I help her she my life I don't know wat to do plz help. Could something outside have startled her? Did she create a 'whelping area" indoors and is reluctant to leave it? I have a female pitbull that is about 3 weeks pregnant my question is, "why is she hesitant on going outside to potty"?

My German Sheppard is in her last 2weeks dew to deliver she's laying around a lot doesn't want to leave her dog house should I let her stay in there or try to bring her inside. Only a vet visit can reveal if your dog is truly pregnant or not.

All About Dog Pregnancy

Consider that a false pregnancy produced similar symptoms as a real one and that even includes the production of milk sometimes. If she is acting sick, please see your vet. My min daschound is acting weird just not herself when i picked her up today milk ran down my arm but she has not gained much weight at all either. She is not spayed so pregnancy is possible I know. She has never had a litter. She is 4 yrs old.

She did not want to come out of her crate this am at all stayed in there all day, which is not her at all. Is she is pregnant how long do you think I have? My pits belly has dropped and she has had the squirts. Puppies r moving like crazy. I'M worriec. I don't no how far along my dog is. But at night she is very restless and cries if I'm not in the room with her. Plus she is breathing very heavy. Is there anything wrong with her or is this normal?

My dog is pregnant and I'm sure about to give birth She is restless but wont leave her bed and is whimpering. Any suggestions as to what may have caised this bump or if i need to be alarmed? My dog is 61 days pregnant is she about to give birth? Is this normal? There hasn't been any yellow secretion. She has been like herself the entire time. My dog is about 6 weeks pregnant she isn't eating today n is laying in my bed is this normal or should I take her to the vet I am very concerned. If this happened overnight rather than gradually, please see your vet, the signs seem concerning!

My dog is a female lab and she has a stomach like a watermelon and it's stiff and her stomach makes weird noises and we saw here with another dog is she pregnant. I have a Female Parson Russell and she is about weeks pregnant. Today we noticed that she is acting weird tail between her legs and the hair on her back is standing up and she is panting a lot. Could this be signs of morning sickness she's not eating a lot either? I'm really worried about her. My dog is about 63 days the last two day she has been laying around in her box yesterday she was dischargeing brown reddish stuff so we kept her near by nothing has happened she still has a little bit of discharged I'm worried is this normal plz need info first time to have puppies for her and me.

My german shephard had a miscarriage about 6 weeks ago when do I expect it to be on heat again. Help, my beagles is on her 60th day of pregnancy. She is having a brownish colored discharge then clear. Is this a sign something is terribly wrong. She acts normal. My dogs belly is tight is there any chance she is pregnat? She has been with the male for 1 year now. Had a progesterone test dog done on dog day 3 of coming into heat and was0. Only one breeding.

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It's day 19 and she was all excited to today and tried jumping my leg. Is there a chance she may be pregnant? Took her down by my male and he sniffed her but really didn't do anything else. My rescue had puppies 5 weeks ago. She had 10, lost 2 a couple days after birth. Birthing was quick no complications. Puppies are healthy. She is but a pup herself she is only 11 months old. She started bleeding bright red today from her vagina. I don't have the money this week to get her to the vet due to an unexpected expense.

Step 2: Water and Vitamins

Will definitely get her in next week but was wondering if she could be in heat again. Also she has stopped producing milk.

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My dog is pg not sure when she is due she has been leaking water for 4 days and heavy breathing and painting off and on is she due anytime now. She's 63 day's into her pregnacy! She ate her food at this morning but I put food in her dish at am.

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I took her temp at this afternoon and it was How much longer will it be for labor. Thank you! My dog is having puppies but it was un expected know I don't know if she's havin her puppies soon or not she has had contractions for about 5 hours and no puppies are yet on there way I'm really stressed out and don't know what to do it's also her first litter I'm scared to go to sleep and she has her puppies help please.

If the panting in contextual, meaning only upon seeing the dog walk and then stops after a few minutes, then you know it's triggered from the sight of the dog, if it keeps going on though even with no trigger or explanation see your vet. My dog is 44 days pregnant she is breathing heavy ,but she also was excited after seeing another dog walk by shoukd there be a concern? I am not sure how it can be your vet didn't know what he's talking about?

May be time to change vet! There should be no colored discharge before the birth of pups. This sounds concerning.

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Hello my Mini Dachshund is 67 day Pregnant she has this black fluid she been leaking for a few days but today it getting worse and her temp is It's hard to tell because dogs may pant for many reasons, stress, warmth, exercise, pain, happiness and she could be fatter because she may be moving less and eating more since she's off the streets now.

At the same time, a dog roaming the streets, is also likely to be pregnant if she wasn't spayed obviously and there are intact male dogs around. I rescued a little girl almost 7 weeks ago, she was roaming the streets. When I brought her home she was a little lazy but came around and is so lovable now, just last night she began to pant heavily and has become more clingy. She is still very happy and playful and nothing else has changed.

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She has become a little fatter. Could she be pregnant? With all those multiple matings, it's likely she'll be pregnant, but there's no way to know for sure until you see the vet. On average large dogs as such may have pups, but it's not unheard of some having 1 or even a dozen. Typically, pregnant dogs do not gain much visible weight in the first weeks of pregnancy because the embryos remain quite small, so they really start getting big though in the last 3 weeks. If she was mated the 19th of August her due date would be anywhere bearing in mind conception may not take place on that exact day between Oct 17 and the 23nd.

By now she should therefore be bigger and getting ready to whelp. You should also feel or see movement behind the ribs when she is laying down. Her temperature should drop and she should start nesting behavior. It doesn't sound like that though from your description. Please consider as well that ties aren't always a guarantee of pregnancy.

Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy
Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy
Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy
Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy
Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy
Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy
Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy Breathe: A Guys Guide to Pregnancy

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