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She tore her gleaming head-gear from her brow: diadem and cloth and woven band, and the veil that golden Aphrodite had given her on that day when sunlit Hector, flashing-helmed, led her from the house of Eetion, after he had brought gifts beyond measure. And the sisters of her husband and the wives of her brothers swarmed about her, and bore her up, she who was dazed unto death.

And when she revived and gathered her spirit back to her breast, sobbing in strangled bursts, she spoke to the women of Troy. Horace, Satire 2.


Andromache: Iliad Martial: a Liberal Translation Laurie Tupper ' Achilles Warns Patroclus: Iliad Hapax Legomenon Hapax Legomenon Next Trains to Philadelphia. Virgil Aeneid 3. Many centuries later, Racine wrote a play about Andromache. Although my tragedy has the same title as his, the subject matter is entirely different. In Euripides, Andromache fears for the life of Molossus, a son she had borne Pyrrhus and whom Hermione wished to kill, together with his mother.

Here, though, Molossus does not enter the picture.

Andromache has had no other husband but Hector, and no other son but Astyanax. We do not believe she should love another husband or another son. And I doubt her tears would have made the impression they did on my audiences, had they been shed for a son other than the one she bore Hector. Racine shows a strong woman in charge of her destiny. At the end of the play, Andromache is a queen very much in control of her fate. Pylades My lord, we must set off. Leave this palace; Or else decide never to try again.

She is their queen, and we are enemies. Once she fought the king, but now she gives him Every respect a faithful widow owes, Commands he be revenged, and may on us Wreak vengeance yet for Hector and for Troy. HeroesX v12 Now open! Sourcebook updated for v Welcome New to Kosmos Society? Introduce yourself in the Forum!

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Join these Forum discussions! Formerly, though I was sunk in misfortune, the hope always drew me to him that if the child lived my family would find some kind of help and defense. For she says that with secret poisons I make her childless and an object of hatred to her husband, and that I wish to take her place in the house, [35] casting her marriage-bed out by violent means.

This bed I received unwillingly to begin with and now I have relinquished it. Great Zeus be my witness that it was against my will that I became sharer in this bed! But I cannot persuade her of this, and she wants to kill me. Hermione How much deeper into my pains will you go on digging? Andromache I shall stop right now. Here, see, I am shutting my mouth! Hermione Let me hear from you the thing that brought me here. Hermione Will you never leave this sacred shrine?

Andromache Never, if by leaving it I shall die.

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Andromache But nor I will I give myself up to you before he comes. Hermione I shall set fire to the place and you can suffer the consequences, for all I care. Andromache By all means! Burn the place. The eyes of the gods will watch on. Hermione Your flesh will feel the worst of pains! Andromache Go ahead, kill me! Paint the altar of the goddess with my blood, if you want. Hermione Barbarian creature! But you will see: soon, you will leave that shrine of your accord. I have the means to make you do it. But no more words from me.

I will leave it to the deed to make my intentions clear.


Well, stay there, if you wish. I will make you move away even they pour molten lead all around you! How strange it is that gods have given mortals drugs to remedy the bites of wild venomous snakes, yet no one has devised drugs yet to remedy the bites of venomous women, bites that are far more terrible than those of snakes, or the burns of a blazing flame! Paris, who lived alone in his hut…. Chorus And when they came before the Prince, they each compared their charms in spiteful words…. Chorus And it was Aphrodite who finally won with sweet deceits and promises… Chorus And they were words sweet indeed for the ear but bitter for the Phrygian city….

Chorus But how I wish, oh, how I wish, the woman who had given birth to him, yes, his mother, had smashed his wretched head before he came to settle by cliffs of Ida…. Chorus When his sister Cassandra, standing next to the prophetic laurel screamed for his slaughter… Chorus And she went everywhere and begged everyone, all the elders of the city, to have the baby prince killed.

Slavery would not have yoked the Trojan women and you, dear lady, would still be sitting on the throne of a royal palace! Chorus No wedding beds would have been left bereft of men nor old fathers of their sons! Menelaos Ha! Think about it, Andromache and do so carefully. Let those who have gained you honestly be truly blessed but those others!

Glory gained by mere accident! Was it really you? You who just now got all flustered by the words of a mere child, of your daughter, to come and strike at a poor captive woman? Some men appear wise from the outside, they make a splendid show of it, but inside, inside they are distinguished from the common heard only by their wealth. Let us say, your daughter fulfilled her wish. She has killed me. What then? She will have to deal with the pollution of murder. Of spilling blood. And then, most people will also hold you condemned as an accomplice to this murder.

And then, let us say the other: I escape my death. Will you really kill my son? What do you think his father will think of that?


Of you having murdered his only son? His response is already known.

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He was never called a coward. He will throw your daughter out of this house. What will you say then to men when you try to find her another husband?

Will you lie and say that she left a man who was unworthy of her virtue? Will you take her to live in your halls? Keep her there until she grows old and grey and unmarried? Is that what you want?

Andromache Andromache
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